Individual Directors each contribute in different ways to make up an effective Board – that is the very point of having a board. Understanding this difference in contribution is essential to an effective assessment of an individual director.

Our methodology provides constructive, experience-based insights into how individual directors are contributing to the effectiveness of the board as a whole.

Our approach combines peer assessment of a director’s current contribution with our assessors’ experience and insight.

The results provide practical suggestions for how contribution can be maximised, for development pathways for individual directors and of course, for assistance with board succession planning.

Our services can include development of skills matrices, detailed skills assessments, face-to- face debriefing of directors, ongoing coaching and director workshops.

We provide services to suit your board’s circumstances and budget. You can choose a full assessment or a targeted approach.


Our assessment is built around analysing responses to an extensive and comprehensive questionnaire and interviews.

We assess a director’s:

The cameron. ralph. khoury assessment report gives you: