cameron. ralph. khoury use a consultative approach to identify and articulate the unique issues created by the evolution of the organisation, by a new strategic direction or changes to an organisation’s environment including a new regulatory environment or new technology.

Good corporate governance is not static. It must constantly evolve.

It “will evolve in the light of the changing circumstances of a company and must be tailored to meet those circumstances. Corporate governance practices must also evolve in the context of developments both in Australia and overseas. “ ASX Corporate Governance principles and recommendations, 2nd edition.

In this complex and dynamic environment, we provide clear insights to identify where the board should put its focus going forward.

Examples of the questions we work with you to answer include:

Our methodology works in any modern environment and has been successful with international organisations based in Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific and Canada.


If a fundamental re-think is needed, our down to earth approach takes complexity out of the debate and follows these steps to identify and articulate the unique governance issues for your organisation: